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COVID19 Response

Head of School Update 5-15-20

Please watch this video message from Marc Horton, Linfield's Head of School, as he provides…
COVID19 Response

Head of School Update 5-4-20

Check out this video message from Marc Horton, Linfield’s Head of School, as he shares…
COVID19 Response

Head of School Update – 4-17-20

Check out this video message from Marc Horton, Linfield’s Head of School, as he shares…

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Our Response to the COVID19 Situation

Linfield Christian School is carefully monitoring the ever-changing COVID19 global crisis and following the recommendations of local and international health organizations. The safety and well-being of our school community is our highest priority, and based on the order of Riverside County Public Health, we are required to keep the physical campus closed through the end of the school year.

Unfortunately, this means that all athletics, fine arts events, and activities are either cancelled or postponed. We are looking into modified arrangements for some events, and we remain hopeful that we will be able to reschedule high school graduation for a later date. Click here to visit Linfield’s activity calendar. 

We will continue to engage students digitally by using the latest online resources at our disposal. Students should be checking in to their to keep track of their assignments and to connect with their teachers.  Thank you so much for your support, understanding, and prayers. We will continue to keep you updated with all the latest information as we navigate this global health crisis.

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Student Expectations


Online Distance Learning – Frequently Asked Questions

Middle & High School

Do students need to follow the traditional A & B Week Block Schedule of classes?

No, students will have a range of days in which to view their lessons and turn in assignments. They do not need to log in during specific parts of the day.

How will students know which assignments they need to accomplish each week?

MS & HS students need to log in to their MyLinfield accounts daily to receive weekly assignments, turn in work, participate in discussion boards, get links to videos and chats, and receive feedback/grades. Assignments will be posted on each class’s bulletin board and in the assignment section, and they will be posted on the following schedule:

Science/Social Science/STEAM/Bible/PE Classes
Mondays & Wednesdays
Math/English/LOTE/Fine Arts
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Chapel Video & Reflection

How much work can MS/HS students expect weekly?

365体育手机版下载Generally speaking, students should plan on approximately 5 hours of work per class each week.

What if students have questions or need extra help on assignments?

365体育手机版下载Teachers will be holding online “office hours” twice a week through Google Meet (basically like FaceTime for groups). While it’s not required that students check in during these specific times, it is a good opportunity to get extra help and feedback or to catch up with teachers. Teachers will provide links to their Google Meet on their MyLinfield bulletin boards, and they will often be available to meet with students at other times throughout the week. Simply contact them through MyLinfield messaging to ask questions or set up an appointment.

What is the plan for Fridays?

Fridays are being reserved for chapels (videos will be posted, and students will be asked to complete reflections for their Bible classes) and for as-needed teacher/student appointments. Students may still have work due on Friday, but there will be no new assignments posted, and it will be a good day to catch up on upcoming assignments.

How will students view lectures and lessons?

Linfield’s teachers will be using YuJa to record and post video lessons; students are able to access and watch the material through links provided in MyLinfield.

What if I’m having trouble accessing my MyLinfield or Google account?

For help with MyLinfield, please e-mail

If you’re having trouble accessing your Linfield Google account, contact Karen Locke at

How will the high school and middle school maintain community & culture in this online format?

365体育手机版下载In addition to providing multiple opportunities for teachers and students to connect, we are developing ways for students to worship, play, and celebrate with one another as usual. For example, we will be posting videos of chapel messages/worship; student leaders will be posting Bible verses and prayers daily; we will still have online dress-up contests and games, etc. Stay tuned to MyLinfield and Linfield’s Instagram account for more.

Are there any athletic, fine arts, or community events in March, April, or May?

365体育手机版下载Unfortunately, no. All Linfield events are currently postponed or cancelled through the end of the school year.

When will on-campus classes resume?

Riverside County Public Health has ordered that all schools (public and private) remain closed through June 19, so unfortunately, we will not be able to resume classes on campus for the 2019-2020 school year. However, students and teachers will proceed with classes via our online platforms through the end of May (as scheduled).

Elementary School

How will students know which assignments they need to accomplish each week?

Parents will need to log in to their student’s MyLinfield account every Monday to view their bulletin board. There they will find their weekly schedule of interactive lessons and links to the websites they will need. Teachers will receive students’ completed lessons as they are marked complete in Pearson and will be able to provide feedback specific to the student and record it in their gradebooks.

What if I can’t log in to my accounts?

Please e-mail your child’s teacher or contact them through the messaging component of, and she will assist you.

How can I provide additional reading material for my child?

On each student’s bulletin board is an invitation to join the coolest digital library for kids. Epic! will give you a nearly unlimited collection of kids’ books to support your child’s Accelerated Reader goals.

What will ES students be studying?

Students are completing interactive English Language Arts lessons primarily through Pearson. 2nd-5th graders also have some supplemental grammar practice in NoRedInk, and they are keeping up with Accelerated Reader goals (supported by Epic!). Students also are asked to complete interactive Math lessons in Pearson and to log in to JiJi twice a week.

How will ES teachers keep in contact with students and parents?

Teachers are always available through e-mail and MyLinfield messaging, but they are also staying connected to their students through daily FlipGrid conversations. This app allows classroom teachers to read stories, ask essential questions, or simply say hi. Specialty teachers are also using it to share art ideas, P.E. challenges, and science experiments, and students can respond with selfies/videos for their teachers and peers to see. Mr. Fraser will also use FlipGrid to send out mini-chapel lessons on Fridays.